Picked up your book in Annapolis a couple weekends ago at Hard Bean. I loved it! I gave it to my fiancé, she is reading it now and really enjoying it!

You should make a movie out of this book, lots of action and it has a great theme. Good luck to you and thanks.

John Dalmas


I was awed by the obvious research that went into it, as well as by your highly descriptive writing style...every sentence seemed abundant with descriptive adjectives and adverbs that brought vivid images to mind. Very, very impressive and well done!

Craig McMullin

Terrell, Texas


Dear Mr. Callaghan,

We met on July 22nd at the Maritime Museum Festival in Havre De Grace, Maryland. I believe that you told us that it took 18 years to complete and publish the book.

It is a wonderful book. I hope that you will not take 18 years to complete and publish your next book.

Best Regards,

Bob and Susie Woods


Dear George:


"Herons Poynte" is a winner. It's a great story and will find its place in Chesapeake literature. It's a really fine "read" and I'm sure you've been getting good feedback. It's a wonderful story, well told. So heartiest and heartfelt congratulations. 


Cheers, J. 


Hello, Mr Callaghan,

I'm the lady who lost her husband in St. Michael's and ended up buying your book.  I have read it and must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. A real page turner!  …I loved the mysticism of the Indian spirits and so forth.I would wish all Native Americans were as noble as David Waterfield.

Best wishes,



Mr. Callaghan:


I just read Herons Poynte and want to tell you that I enjoyed it immensely. I am recommending it to my friends....especially those who sail or live on the bay.

I want you to know the respect you conveyed for Native Americans was an inspiration.


Thank you.


Linda Goldkrantz


Dear Sir,


I wanted to let you know that I read your book and enjoyed it immensely.  Being a long time resident on the Chesapeake Bay it is always fun to read books about the area I have come to know so well.  Your book was a delightful tale of current times and past times.  Thanks for many hours of truly pleasurable reading!


Warm Regards,




Hi George!

I finished Herons Poynte yesterday and just wanted to email

you with many congratulations. FANTASTIC book--I could not put it

down.  Quite the page turner, I must say.

I loved this story--especially the shocking end.  I've already got a few friends who are intent on borrowing it.


Caitlin Addlesperger


Hello George,


I purchased a copy of your novel at the Havre de Grace Mari-Fest this summer and  finished reading your novel late last night. I just have to send you a fan email! 


You have written a powerful novel that also enthralled me with it's blending of history, environmental issue, personal morals, and lots of action.

Your writing is not only wonderfully descriptive but you have made your characters utterly believable. They are either beautifully good or horribly evil and the pictures you painted with your descriptive words and storytelling sealed that for me!  I must say this would make a quite a movie or mini-series.

Thank you for a wonderful read!


Carolyn Workinger Colburn


Dear Mr. Callaghan

I just finished your novel "Herons Poynte" and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  It was well written with a good plot and a pleasure to read.


I bought the book from you on the sidewalk outside the 2007 Sail Boat Show in Annapolis in October and I'm looking forward to your next novel.  Thanks again!

Glenn Giles


HI!!  I requested and received a copy of your book for Christmas.  I just finished it and it was great.  I really enjoyed it.  Hope to see book number two in the future.



Dear George,

I just finished your book & really enjoyed it. Your use of adjectives was fabulous. The subject matter really opened my eyes to the plight of the Indian population.


Lokridos, Greece


I was overwhelmed by the plot and its fantastical twists and turns.  The depiction of the armigerous Blackburns sickened me. I thought of my own armigerous ancestors the Warings who ebbed and flowed with the centuries in a more obscure fashion. As a native Baltimorean and Marylander, I marveled at your use of familiar events and places to weave a totally different spell. I do love the Tidewater and its history. 

Thanks for the read and best wishes for your publishing career.

Charlie Peace


Dear Mr Callaghan,

Had I not met you at the book signing at Chesapeake Traders in St. Michaels in November I would have never had the opportunity to read Herons Poynte. It was terrific! It was the reason I was half awake in the office for a couple of days because I could not put it down when I got home and read it late into the evenings. It was very well written and your description allowed me to feel as though I was there . You undoubtedly did a great deal of research and the level of detail and historic background made your novel come alive for me.Thank you! I look forward to the sequel . If it is anything like Herons Poynte, I know I will have a few sleepless nights in my future. Please keep up the great work.


                                                                                                                                                  John Pflieger



I received your book as a gift from my wife and I ripped through it. This is a

wonderful piece of literature that celebrates the history of the Chesapeake.



Mr. Callaghan


I have just finished reading your wonderful novel which was given to me as a Christmas present.  My friend Kathleen purchased the signed copy from you at the Queen Annes County Arts Council .


It took me a few months to get to it, but once there I couldn't put it down.  Having coached at the Academy for six years I could identify with much of your story,  and knowing all the Maryland locations added to the interest factor.


I thoroughly enjoyed it,  and am looking forward to your follow up novel.




I bought your book at the Borders in Gaithersburg, MD where you were there signing books last month.  I loved your book! I really enjoyed the history behind it. It was easy to read and the good guys won in the end. It's going to be difficult to wait for the sequel!




We have bought your book and liked it very much.  We both learned a great deal about the despicable treatment of the tribes which were here before us.

We would like to buy two more books from you, but we also want to have them autographed as they are Christmas presents for close friends.



Another friend, a partial native American Indian from New Jersey, enjoyed your novel as much as I did. He laughed about as hard as I did throughout the entire book gaining a lot of history on the way to the end which came much too soon .... we could have read on and on and on .



Dear Mr. Callaghan,


I really enjoyed your novel and the way you handled the characters. As a fellow author I appreciate the effort and the work involved to make this happen for the reader's enjoyment.


Dallas, TX


George, just finished your book!!  I understand now why you said you had been working on it for so long.  It had so many elements to it.  I really enjoyed it.  Couldn't wait every spare moment (before bed, doctor's appointments, etc) to dive into it!  It has been my best companion for many weeks now.  Anyway, wanted to say good job and I look forward to the followon.


Dick Cantine

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA




I purchased your book a year ago at a craft show in Easton and read it immediately. The book was very good and I loved it.  


Do you still have some available for sale?  Please let me know. I want to give it as a gift. I liked the book so much  that I do not want to lend it out, sometimes one never gets back their book.


Thanks and hope to hear from you,




Hello George.

  Just finished reading your fantastic novel and just had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. You certainly have captured human nature's goods and evils in a huge way. A real DAVID and Goliath struggle that turned out well.  I loved all the ups and downs, the turns and twists - the story was well thought out and woven together beautifully. The descriptions, details and images were outstanding. The scene of David's first crossing the Chesapeake during a storm was beautiful with his ancestor spirits descending, and then returning once the sun returned. Qwazi Lightfoot's scene where the submarine walls are burning and he is warning David was brilliant. Plus I related to lunch at Chick and Ruth's - that was fun.


Thanks again George for a wonderful book.   


Arlington, VA



I purchased Herons Poynte from you at the South River High craft show last November. I took the book on vacation with me last week and just finished it.  I loved it!  I was a little apprehensive as it wasn't something along the lines I normally read, but I was hooked in the first chapter.  I have recommended your book to several people.



Hi George

I have had the great pleasure of reading your 'novel of the Chesapeake', a signed copy of which was gifted to me by my cousins and good friends Drs Jim and Brenda Stewart. Your story reminded me of Fionn mac Cumhaill (in English Finn McCool) renowned Chief of the Fianna who (so the myth goes) now all sleep in a cave under Dublin, awaiting Ireland's  call in her greatest need. Their motto rings in my ears to this day, in Gaelic. The translation goes something like this: Right in our hearts, Strength in our hands, Deeds according to our given word. (Lacks the poetic ring of the Gaelic!). Anyway, one good read.  We await the birth of the sequel.

Best wishes

The Brennan


This is a powerful novel that enthralled me with it's blending of history, environmental issues, personal morals, and lots of action. The writing is wonderfully descriptive. The characters utterly believable. They are either beautifully good or horribly evil. I must say this would make quite a movie or mini-series.

Mary Sullivan


I totally agree with Mary Sullivan. VERY interesting story - esp since it takes place in areas where I have been and lived... It WOULD make a great movie or mini series.

Catherine P. Raphael



Just finished Herons Poynte by a guy named g.m.o.callaghan.  Couldn't put it down.  Great job!!!!  I'd like to have lunch some day and discuss it with you. Diane's turn to begin it.

Dave Fischvogt



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