Neck deep in debt, LAPD Detective Nic Domino yearns for a spectacular celebrity murder that he can market into a best selling book, movie, or TV series. But when his dream comes true, he gets more than he bargained for.

While investigating a loan shark for the homicide of an Oscar winning movie star, Detective Domino makes a terrible mistake. A careless error in his search warrant sets the suspect free. In the ensuing public outcry, Nic is fired, goes bankrupt, gets divorced, and loses his house. Without any assets, he is forced to live in his car in the Santa Monica Beach parking lot.

After six months of homelessness, Nic has lost a lot of weight, grown long scraggly hair and beard, has a rash on his face, and is totally unrecognizable. When he learns that his mother is to be evicted from her Alzheimer memory care home unless her bills are paid up, Nic has no choice but to try to get the money from the same loan shark he had tried to arrest earlier. Using a different name, the unrecognizable Nic succeeds in getting the cash and rescuing his mom. Unable to pay the loan back on time, the shark comes after him.

Dodging his hitman, Nic gets a break when one of his old cases leads to an assignment with a company that is searching for the lost heiress to a murdered porno king's multi-million dollar estate. If the company finds the heiress, the probate court will award them 30% of the fortune and Nic will get a modest fee--enough to get him back on his feet.

When Nic hooks up with the owner's attractive receptionist, she reveals that her boss has low-balled him on the amount of the estate and his fee. Feeling cheated, they get together and plan to find the missing heiress themselves, thus raking in the full 30% of the fortune. With that in hand, they can buy Nic's freedom from the loan shark and live happily ever after. Maybe.

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